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The Martyr’s Witness 290614

St. Ivan’s E-bulletin 290614



PARISHEVENTS / ПОДІЇ у ПАРАФІЇ:  See attached Bulletin for information


            Membership Donations:Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  As we have just concluded our Annual General Meeting, we now are in a position to accept memberships for the new year.  The recommended membership donation is $100, as per last year.  Please make your donations to Genevieve Armstrong.  If you are a new member, then please see Fr. Gene about an application form.  Please remember that we need your continued donations over and above your membership to help meet the needs of the parish.

            CAMP VESELKA: It’s almost time for Camp Veselka! All children ages 7-14 are welcome at camp July 6-19, 2014 and the deadline for camper registration is May 31.  Please see attached poster and registration form and check out our Camp Veselka video at


And, everyone is welcome to join us for Camp Veselka clean-up day on Saturday, June 21 starting at 11 am. Come enjoy some fresh air, help us get Veselka ready for the campers and we’ll end the day with a BBQ for everyone. Contact Patricia Maruschak at trishfrompeg@yahoo.com with any questions. Оселя Веселка: 7-19 липня.  Вік: від 7-14 літ.  Контакт: о. Євгена

            Peroghy Project: Next WEEK- July 03 and 04.  If you can come out, any help would be appreciated.

            Pennies from Heaven: To date we have collected $347.72 for orphans in Ukraine.

            Недільний благовіснику прикріпленні. Прошу Вас пильно прочитатиOur Sunday bulletin is attached. Please read it carefully.

            WEEKEND SERVICES: Vespers: 5:30pm; Divine Liturgy: 10:00am

            WINNIPEG HARVEST:There is a bin at the back of the CHURCH for non-perishable food items for WINNIPEG HARVEST.  Please bring an item or two when you come to church.  Thiswillbeanongoingproject. To date we have donated 139 lbs of food.Thankyou.     

            2nd edition of the ‘Dobry pastyr’ is now available at the back of the Church.  They are $40/book.

            Bishop’s Wall:  We have embraced a project to honour our Ruling Hierarchs over the years in portraits.  A professional photographer has been engaged to help us.  Currently we are seeking a donor or donors to help fund this project.  Donors will be acknowledged.  Please see Fr. Gene for details.

            PARISH MEETING:

            CLOTHES DONATIONS: Thank you for your support. 

            pRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS For Provody CAN BE MADE WITH FR. GENE: 204-336-0996

            UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF CANADA All Canada Pilgrimage to the Historical St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Gardenton, MB:  Saturday, July 26, 2014


  1. Dontforget:



JULY/липня 2014

          SATURDAY, JULY 5 – VESPERS – 5:30PM / Субота, 05 липняВечірня – 5:30 веч.

          SUNDAY, JULY 06 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 06 липняБожественнаЛітургія – 10:00 ранку.

          MONDAY, JULY 7 – ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST: NO DIVINE LITURGY / Понеділок, 7 липнясв. ІоаннаХрестителя; НебудеБожественноїлітургії.

          SATURDAY, JULY 12 – STS. PETER AND PAUL: DIVINE LITURGY AT CAMP VESELKA – 10:00AM / Субота, 12 Липнясвв. ПЕТРАІПАВЛА: БожественналітургіявОселяВеселка – 10:00 ранку.

          SATURDAY, JULY 12 – VESPERS AT CAMP VESELKA / Субота, 12 липняВечірнявОселяВеселка .

          SUNDAY, JULY 13 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 13 липняБожественнаЛітургія – 10:00 ранку.

          SATURDAY, JULY 19 – NO VESPERS – 5:30PM / Субота, 19 липняНЕБУДЕВечірня – 5:30 веч.

          SUNDAY, JULY 20 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 20 липняБожественнаЛітургія – 10:00 ранку.

          FRIDAY, JULY 25/ Пятниця, 27 липняМолебеньабоАкафист- 5:30pm/веч.

          SATURDAY, JULY 26 – DIVINE LITURGY AT GARDENTON – 9:30AM / Неділя, 26 липняБожественнаЛітургіявҐардентоні – 19:30 ранку. NO VESPERS 5:30PM / Субота, 26 липняНебудеВечірня – 5:30 веч.

          SUNDAY, JULY 27 –DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 27 липняБожественнаЛітургія – 10:00 ранку.



3. Fr. GenesWeeklyReflection:  

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Central Eparchy Rada Meeting held in Canora, SK.  It was a fairly quiet meeting, lots of reports on events and activities that had taken place.  Towards the end of the meeting, though, things kind of heated up a bit because we heard a report from the Chancellor of the UOCC about parish closures and disbandments.  We also heard about which parishes have not paid their levies.  Let me tell you that some of the parishes that have not paid their levies surprised me.  Most didn’t as they were small parishes that were trying to find ways to keep their doors open and had difficulty coming up with funds for both.  That being said, I have to say that I am taken aback by the fact that it is an issue to pay the levies to the Central Eparchy and even to the Consistory.

I am taken aback because I cannot come up with one single, valid excuse that would justify such actions.  What it does say is that these the issue is a lack of faith, a lack of commitment, maybe even a lack of education.  The first two sit squarely on the shoulders of the parishioners of these temples.  The third sits on the shoulders of the clergy of the UOCC and how they may have failed to instill the teaching and truth about what is needed to support the Church.  So when you combine both factors we have part of the reason why many churches are struggling to exist.  I have said in the past and I will say it again, ‘You cannot want to have the doors of your church remain open and complain about what it takes to do so. ‘  We accept what is needed and we fulfil it.  If a parish cannot do this, then maybe it is time to close the doors, properly dispose of the church and join another Orthodox Congregation.  But, no matter how you look at the situation, having a church costs time, talents and resources.  The important thing is to manage these resources properly.

One person at the Eparchy meeting said that no one wants to close churches down or see them closed, but I have a different take on it.  It is a natural progression of church life, especially in rural Canada.  A church is two parts.  It is the physical building and it is the faithful.  If we look at the reality of the prairies, there were so many family farms in the 1900’s.  But these began to disappear and less people remained on the farms, young people moved to pursue different interests, families became smaller.  Indicators of this began with the disappearance of the ‘one-room school house’ and then later with the elevators.  Now we are seeing it with the churches.  And I am not sad that we are closing down church buildings.  As far as I am concerned a church is a living entity: it has a birth, life, mission and eventually a death when its mission is complete.  What saddens me is when we lose people, that people stop going to church because their church has been closed or for whatever reason.  That is truly the tragedy.  Whether or not you go to the church of your grandparents or the one that is 15 minutes up the road makes no difference when you think about it.

On a side note, city parishes need to also address this issue because it is also beginning to creep into the urban setting as well.   We have to seriously look at what we are doing in the area of mission and ministry.  As another person at this Eparchy meeting said, it is time to have a very serious ‘round table’ discussion with clergy and faithful about our UOCC.  I know that there is a Sobor coming up in 2015, that may also be the time to discuss matters of Mission, Liturgical Life, Social Outreach, and the like.  I hear in the voices of the faithful that they care.  I know that the clergy care.  That is a good start to be proactive and not simply reactive to our circumstances.

So…personally, I don’t see closing a church as a failure, it is life and in life we are called to be good stewards and that means that we make responsible decisions with what has been entrusted to us by God.  If you want to keep your church then do whatever you must to do so, with the guidance of our hierarchs, and together we can create healthy spiritual homes for our faithful.  May God continue to guide us as we deal with this reality that we are facing currently, especially in the Prairie Provinces.    May God help to instill in all of us a genuine spirit to reach out to people and bring them to the Gospel, to the Church.  Maybe if we start doing this, all of us, then we will see churches being built.  May the Lord Bless and Save You.



4. Saints and Feasts:  




Saint Tikhon was a miracle-worker. Following the death of Blessed Mnemonius, Tikhon was unanimously elected a bishop and consecrated by the renowned Epiphanius for the Diocese of Amathus. His purity of life and zeal for Orthodoxy recommended him for this office. There were still pagans on Cyprus at that time. With apostolic zeal St. Tikhon undertook to convert the unbelievers into believers. In that, he had great success. After lengthy labor in the vineyard of the Lord, Tikhon took up habitation in blessed eternity about the year 425 A.D. He was called a miracle-worker because of the many miracles he worked during his life. Tikhon’s father was a baker. When his father left him alone in the store, he would distribute bread free of charge to the poor. Once, his father reproached him for this. Tikhon prayed to God and their granary was so filled with wheat that the door could not be opened without difficulty. Again, at another time, he planted withered branches of a vine and the vine became green and, in due time, brought forth fruit.


This week’s Scripture question: (answer next week)

When the Egyptian sorcerers turned their staffs into snakes what did Aaron’s staff do to their staffs?


This week’s Scripture fact:

Peter’s confession at Caesarea Philippi that Jesus is the Christ is recorded in three of the Gospels (Matthew 16:13-16; Mark 8:27-29; Luke 9:18-21).  In all accounts Jesus tells the disciples not to tell anyone else that He is the Christ.


Last week’s answer:  When Moses threw his staff to the ground at the Lord’s command what did it turn into?  A snake.


See you in Church!

Спаси Вас Господи!                                   May the Lord Save You!

о. Євген                                                                             Fr. Gene