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The Martyr’s Witness 270714

St. Ivan’s E-bulletin 270714



PARISHEVENTS / ПОДІЇ у ПАРАФІЇ:  See attached Bulletin for information


            Membership Donations:Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  As we have just concluded our Annual General Meeting, we now are in a position to accept memberships for the new year.  The recommended membership donation is $100, as per last year.  Please make your donations to Genevieve Armstrong.  If you are a new member, then please see Fr. Gene about an application form.  Please remember that we need your continued donations over and above your membership to help meet the needs of the parish.

            Peroghy Project: Next WEEK- July 31 and August 1.  If you can come out, any help would be appreciated.

            Pennies from Heaven: To date we have collected $347.72 for orphans in Ukraine.

            Недільний благовіснику прикріпленні. Прошу Вас пильно прочитатиOur Sunday bulletin is attached. Please read it carefully.

            WINNIPEG HARVEST:There is a bin at the back of the CHURCH for non-perishable food items for WINNIPEG HARVEST.  Please bring an item or two when you come to church.  Thiswillbeanongoingproject. To date we have donated 139 lbs of food.Thankyou.     

            2nd edition of the ‘Dobry pastyr’ is now available at the back of the Church.  They are $40/book.

            Bishop’s Wall: We have the first picture completed.  It will be available for viewing in the Church Hall.  There are 6 more to complete.  Each one costs $275 and we are seeking donors for each.  Donors will be acknowledged on each picture.  Please see Fr. Gene for details.

            PARISH MEETING:

            CLOTHES DONATIONS: Thank you for your support. 

            UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF CANADA All Canada Pilgrimage to the Historical St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Gardenton, MB:  Saturday, July 26, 2014 beginning at 9:30AM

            Taras Shevchenko Traveling Exhibit – A project of the UCC-MPC

Upcoming showings: Dauphin Ukrainian Festival August 1-2, 2014 and Ukraine-Kyiv Pavilion Folklorama August 3-9, 2014.

            Dauphin Ukrainian Festival – Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival

August 1,2 and 3 2014. Information about the Festival  and to check the entertainment lineup, to to http://www.cnuf.ca/

Sunday Evening Showcase features RUSLANA from Ukraine!

            Ukraine-Kyiv Pavilion – Folklorama  August 3-9, 2014  Garden City Collegiate, 711 Jefferson Avenue  For information, go to: https://www.facebook.com/ukrainekyivpavilion


            Babylon’13 Cinema of a Civil Protest Film presentation  August 6, 2014 beginning at 7:00 p.m.


https://www.facebook.com/babylonfilms              Prosvita (777 Pritchard Avenue)

            Ukraine Independence Day Zabava August 23, 2014 @ Prosvita (777 Pritchard Avenue)  More information to follow

            Ukraine Day in the Park September 13, 2014  Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park     Noon to 10:00 p.m.   Concert, evening dance, Ukrainian food available.         More information to follow.


  1. Dontforget:






SATURDAY, AUGUST 2 – NO VESPERS – 5:30PM / Суботa, 2 серпеньВечірнінебуде – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM/ Неділя, 3 серпняСв. Літургія – 10:00 ран.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 – NO VESPERS – 5:30PM/ Суботa, 9 серпняВечірнінебуде – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 10 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM/ Неділя, 10 cерпняБожественнаЛітургія – 10:00 ран.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 14 – PROCESSION OF THE WOOD OF THE CROSS: DIVINE LITURGY – 9:30AM / Четвер, 14 серпняВинесенняЧеснихДеревЖивотворящогоХрестаГосподнього: Св. Літургія – 9:30 ран.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 – VESPERS WITH LITIYA – 5:30PM / Субота, 16 серпняВечірні – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 17 серпняСв. Літургія – 10:00 ран.                                   

MONDAY, AUGUST 18 – VESPERS WITH LITIYA – 5:30PM / Понеділок, 18 серпняВечірнізлітією – 5:30 веч.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 19 – HOLY TRANSFIGURATION: DIVINE LITURGY – 9:30AM / Вівторок, 19 серпняПреображенняГосподнє: Св. Літургія – 9:30 ран.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 23– NO VESPERS – 5:30PM / Субота, 23 серпнявечірнінебуде – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 24 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 24 серпняСв. Літургія – 10:00 ран.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27 – VESPERS WITH LITIYA – 5:30PM / Середа, 27 серпняВечірнязлітією – 5:30 веч.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 28 – DORMITION OF THE THEOTOKOS: DIVINE LITURGY – 9:30AM / Четвер, 28 серпняУспінняПресвятоїБогородиці: Св. Літургія – 9:30 ран.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 30 – NO VESPERS – 5:30PM / Субота, 30 серпнявечірнінебуде – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 31 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 31 серпняСв. Літургія – 10:00 ран.


3. Fr. GenesWeeklyReflection:  

20 Questions for you to consider over the summer and to then respond accordingly.


No one would want their children to attend a school where the students were never tested.  We know that if we are given the choice, most of us will do only that which is absolutely necessary to get by.  Why work, if I can coast?  But we also know that anything worthwhile in this life is always the result of hard work.  That’s why we test our children in school, to make sure that they are doing the work that will enable them to succeed in school, and in life.


Most people in our society have the mistaken idea that there is a different standard of success for Christians than there is for students, or executives, or athletes, or artists.  They think that while one has to conform to stringent standards in other spheres of their life, they can basically just “do their own thing” as far as their adherence to the teaching of Christ is concerned.  Even a very cursory study of the history of Christianity will show that this idea is patently false.  And so I propose a quiz for everyone who would like to see how they objectively stack up to the standard of conduct set before us by God and His Church.  It involves personal questions regarding the foundations of our faith – the spiritual life (prayer, fasting and almsgiving), the sacramental life, moral conduct and parish life.


Please keep in mind that this is totally private – don’t talk about your score with anyone else except perhaps your confessor.  Also keep in mind that this quiz is geared to the normal, healthy person.  If you have specific problems, e.g., are elderly and can’t get to Church, simply ignore the pertinent questions and form your score based on the percentage of the remaining queries.  And please remember that a failing score doesn’t mean we should just pack it in and leave the Church.  On the contrary, both the failing and the passing score require of us the same response – saving repentance.


Do you pray every morning and evening at home?

  1. Always
  2. Most of the time
  3. Fifty percent of the time
  4. Occasionally
  5. Never


Do you attend Church services on Sundays and Holy days?

  1. Always
  2. Most of the time
  3. Fifty percent of the time
  4. Occasionally
  5. Never


Are you active in your parish as a member of the Council, a Church school teacher, youth worker, choir member, sacristan, etc.?




Do you attend parish meetings, banquets, and functions?

  1. Always
  2.                Most of the time
  3.       Fifty percent of the time
  4. Occasionally
  5. Do we have meetings?


What is the proper answer to the greeting “Chrystos posered nas” (Christ is in our midst)?

  1. I ye, i bude! (He is, and shall be!)
  2. Khrystos posered nas” (Christ is in our midst)
  3.   Slava na viky (Glory forever)
  4. Voistynu Voskres! (Truly, He is risen!)
  5. Huh? (Huh?)


What portion of your gross yearly income (before taxes) do you donate to the Church?

  1.           10 percent or more
  2.           6 – 9 percent
  3.           3 – 5 percent
  4.           1 – 2 percent
  5.          Less than one percent


Do you personally know a poor person or family, and help them out with food, clothes etc.?




Do you speak positively and constructively about your parish leadership – priest, council members, and community leaders?

  1.                          Always

2.                     Most of the time

3.                     Fifty percent of the time

4.                      Occasionally

5.                     There’s nothing good to say about that band of thieves!


I believe that human sexual relations are only permissible in the context of a monogamous marriage between one man and one woman which has been crowned in the Church.




I receive Holy Communion:

  1.           At least once a month
  2. During every fasting period
  3. During Great Lent, and at other times of especial need.
  4.          During Great Lent only
  5. Never


Do you fast (refrain from eating meat and milk products) every Wednesday and Friday, as well as during the four major fasting periods of the Church year?

A         Yes

B         From meat, but not dairy products

C         Occasionally

D         Rarely

E          Never


How many Great Lenten services – Forgiveness vespers, Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, Passia, Soul Saturdays – did you attend this past year?  (Note: Sunday lenten Liturgies don’t count!)

  1.        5 or more
  2. 3- 4
  3. 2
  4. 1
  5. O


Do you have unresolved anger or hatred against anyone in your family or your parish?

  1.                      Not at all
  2.                        A bit
  3. There are people I do not like in my parish
  4. There are people that I hate in my parish
  5. I not only hate other parishioners, but I actively denigrate them                                              behind their back


On average I read the Bible for at least 5 – 10 minutes:

  1.           Once a day
  2.            Once a week

3 .           Once a month

4.            Once a year

5.          Read what?


I take part in adult religious educational activities in my parish (bible studies, seminars, retreats, etc.)

  1. Always

2.    As often as possible

3.  Occasionally

4.  Rarely

5.  Never


I invite non-Orthodox friends and acquaintances to attend services and social gatherings at my parish:

  1.         Often
  2.         Regularly
  3.        Occasionally
  4.          Rarely
  5.          Never


I believe that abortion is murder, and therefore a grave sin.




I have a Cross and/or Icon prominently displayed in:

  1. Every room of my house/apartment
  2. Most rooms of my house/apartment
  3. A few rooms
  4. One room
  5. A Cross or Icon would clash with my décor


On average how often do you swear (take God’s name in vain) and/or use profane and vulgar language?

A                     never

B                     Once in a blue moon

C                     monthly

D                     weekly

E                      daily


When I approach for Holy Confession I:

A         Prepare myself by prayer, fasting, and an examination of conscience, and verbally confess as many sins as I can remember

B         Verbally confess only those sins which I feel are important

C         Say “I repent”, and nothing else

D         Confess the sins of others

E          I don’t go to confession


Bonus Question:

I believe that it is unacceptable to skip the Church services or parish activities if there is a conflict between them and Ukrainian dancing, or sports, or recreation, or Ukrainian (non-church) activities, etc.




Your Score:     Score 5 points for every a.

Score 3 points for every b.

Score 1 point for every c.

Score 0 points for every d.

Score -2 points for every e.

Score 5 points for every Yes

Score 0 points for every No


80 – 100 points:           Matthew 25:21

60 – 79 points:             Matthew 24: 45-46

40 – 59 points:             Ephesians 5:14-16

20 – 39 points:             Matthew 10:38

19 and less points:       Matthew 7: 21

Fr. Bohdan Hladio                          November, 2001

4. Saints and Feasts:  


Aquila was one of the Seventy Apostles. As a Jew, he first lived in Italy with his wife Priscilla. When Emperor Claudius decreed that all Jews be driven from Rome and Italy, Aquila settled in Corinth, where the Apostle Paul met him for the first time and remained in his home for a year and a half and baptized him and his wife. Burning with zeal for the Faith of Christ, Aquila and Priscilla escorted Paul to Ephesus and assisted him in his apostolic labors. Paul wrote his first Epistle to the Corinthians from Ephesus in which, toward the end, he says: “Aquila and Priscilla salute you much in the Lord, with the Church that is their house” (1 Corinthians 16:19). After the death of Emperor Claudius, the Jews were permitted to return to Italy, and so Aquila and Priscilla returned to Rome. After this the Apostle Paul writing the Epistle to the Romans from Corinth, greets his old friends and his co-laborers: “Greet Priscilla and Aquila my helpers in Christ Jesus; who have for my life laid down their own necks: unto whom not only I give thanks, but also all the churches of the Gentiles” (Romans 16: 3-4). Later on, we see Aquila in Ephesus where he labors together with St. Timothy the Apostle. Chained in Rome, Paul writes to Timothy in Ephesus: “Salute Priscilla and Aquila” (2 Timothy 4:19). As a bishop, Aquila baptized many and illumined them with the Faith, destroyed idols, built churches, ordained priests and spread the glory of the Incarnate Son of God among men. In the end, he was murdered by the wicked heathens and took up habitation in the Kingdom of Christ.


This week’s Scripture question: (answer next week)

What was the eighth plague with which God punished Pharaoh?

This week’s Scripture fact:

Philip’s conversation with the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-40) suggests the eunuch was reading aloud from Isaiah.  This was (and to some extent still is) the norm.  Oriental people often read aloud even when there is no intention of being heard by others.

Last week’s answer:  After Jesus had applied some mud on a blind man’s eyes to which pool did he send him to wash his eyes? Pool of Siloam.


See you in Church!

Спаси Вас Господи!                                   May the Lord Save You!

о. Євген                                                                             Fr. Gene