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The Martyr’s Witness 170814

St. Ivan’s E-bulletin 170814



PARISHEVENTS / ПОДІЇ у ПАРАФІЇ:  See attached Bulletin for information


            Membership Donations:Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  As we have just concluded our Annual General Meeting, we now are in a position to accept memberships for the new year.  The recommended membership donation is $100, as per last year.  Please make your donations to Genevieve Armstrong.  If you are a new member, then please see Fr. Gene about an application form.  Please remember that we need your continued donations over and above your membership to help meet the needs of the parish.

            Peroghy Project: Next WEEK- August 21 and 22.  If you can come out, any help would be appreciated.

            Pennies from Heaven: To date we have collected $347.72 for orphans in Ukraine.

            Недільний благовіснику прикріпленні. Прошу Вас пильно прочитатиOur Sunday bulletin is attached. Please read it carefully.

            WINNIPEG HARVEST:There is a bin at the back of the CHURCH for non-perishable food items for WINNIPEG HARVEST.  Please bring an item or two when you come to church.  Thiswillbeanongoingproject. To date we have donated 139 lbs of food.Thankyou.   

            2nd edition of the ‘Dobry pastyr’ is now available at the back of the Church.  They are $40/book.

            Bishop’s Wall: We have the first picture completed.  It will be available for viewing in the Church Hall.  There are 6 more to complete.  Each one costs $275 and we are seeking donors for each.  Donors will be acknowledged on each picture.  Please see Fr. Gene for details.

Bishop Bohdan-

Bishop Joseph-

Bishop Andriy-

Archbishop Vsevolod-

Metropolitan Wasyly- Scott Armstrong

Metropolitan John- Fr. Gene Maximiuk

Metropolitan Yurij

            PARISH MEETING:

            CLOTHES DONATIONS: Thank you for your support. 

            Ukraine Independence Day Zabava August 23, 2014 @ Prosvita (777 Pritchard Avenue)  More information to follow

            Ukraine Day in the Park September 13, 2014  Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park     Noon to 10:00 p.m.   Concert, evening dance, Ukrainian food available.

            The Central and Eastern European Council of Canada, representing 4 million Canadians of European heritage, have announced locations for National Black Ribbon Day commemorations on August 23rd, 2014 in cities across Canada. Black Ribbon Day is also commemorated in cities in Europe and The United States.

            In November 2009, a resolution declaring Black Ribbon Day, August 23, an annual, Canadian day of remembrance for the victims of Communism and Nazism in Europe was unanimously passed by Canada’s Parliament.

            Black Ribbon Day historically commemorates the anniversary of the infamous Molotov- Ribbentrop pact, a sinister partnership treaty between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia that allowed each to violently and illegally seize the lands and peoples situated between them. Twenty-five years ago, Canada’s Central and Eastern European communities, by initiating Black Ribbon Day, were instrumental in bringing international attention and understanding of the plight of their heritage nations. This Canadian initiative organized demonstrations in 21 cities on both sides of the Iron Curtain. In 1989 close to 2 million people formed a human chain across the Baltic republics and by 1991, demonstrations were held in 56 cities on three continents.

            “Black Ribbon Day serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting freedom, democracy and human rights. The Kremlin’s current assault on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine reminds us that imperialism has not yet been conquered, and that the cause of liberty and justice must be defended,” stated Paul Grod, National President of Ukrainian Canadian Congress. “We, as Ukrainian Canadians have friends, family and loved ones who suffered from genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Soviets and Nazis. We must stand with people of conscience in Canada and abroad to pay tribute to the millions who were victimized and died at the hands of Communist and Nazi regimes. We mark this day to help ensure that such misery will not be visited on future generations.”

            On August, 23 2014 Black Ribbon Day commemorations are planned in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and St. Catharines.

            For more information on Black Ribbon Day, please click here: http://www.blackribbonday.org/    


  1. Dontforget:






SATURDAY, AUGUST 2 – NO VESPERS – 5:30PM / Суботa, 2 серпеньВечірнінебуде – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM/ Неділя, 3 серпняСв. Літургія – 10:00 ран.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 – NO VESPERS – 5:30PM/ Суботa, 9 серпняВечірнінебуде – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 10 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM/ Неділя, 10 cерпняБожественнаЛітургія – 10:00 ран.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 14 – PROCESSION OF THE WOOD OF THE CROSS: DIVINE LITURGY – 9:30AM / Четвер, 14 серпняВинесенняЧеснихДеревЖивотворящогоХрестаГосподнього: Св. Літургія – 9:30 ран.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 – VESPERS WITH LITIYA – 5:30PM / Субота, 16 серпняВечірні – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 17 серпняСв. Літургія – 10:00 ран.                                   

MONDAY, AUGUST 18 – VESPERS WITH LITIYA – 5:30PM / Понеділок, 18 серпняВечірнізлітією – 5:30 веч.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 19 – HOLY TRANSFIGURATION: DIVINE LITURGY – 9:30AM / Вівторок, 19 серпняПреображенняГосподнє: Св. Літургія – 9:30 ран.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 23– NO VESPERS – 5:30PM / Субота, 23 серпнявечірнінебуде – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 24 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 24 серпняСв. Літургія – 10:00 ран.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27 – VESPERS WITH LITIYA – 5:30PM / Середа, 27 серпняВечірнязлітією – 5:30 веч.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 28 – DORMITION OF THE THEOTOKOS: DIVINE LITURGY – 9:30AM / Четвер, 28 серпняУспінняПресвятоїБогородиці: Св. Літургія – 9:30 ран.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 30 – NO VESPERS – 5:30PM / Субота, 30 серпнявечірнінебуде – 5:30 веч.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 31 – DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00AM / Неділя, 31 серпняСв. Літургія – 10:00 ран.


3. Fr. GenesWeeklyReflection:  

We just returned back from Edmonton and Saskatoon.  We took our holidays for this year and did the ‘Family Tour’.  That is we visited family, living and deceased.  I have to say that I really enjoyed my time.  We visited, we laughed, we fished, we ate and then we ate some more, then laughed some more and oh….did I mention that we ate?  We did a lot of that.  One of the highlights was to go to a restaurant featured on ‘You Gotta Eat Here’.  It was called ‘Soda Jerks’ and features unique burgers.  Markian really wanted to go there because he saw the episode and wanted to try ‘chocolate covered bacon’.  So he did and we did.  His was in a PB & J Burger…yes, a burger with chocolate covered bacon on it between two Eggo Waffles with peanut butter and jam on it.  Different, yes…but it was so good.  When we got to Saskatoon we had bacon for breakfast one morning so we thought let’s try ‘Nutella’…it worked.

But isn’t that part of what vacations are about, experiencing something new and different?   You never know how the Spirit is going to move you unless you are willing to say, “Yes” to His promptings.  Such is our life in the Church.  We must be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit that guides us and inspires us.  We must always be mindful of not becoming stuck in the same old rut and routine.  The Holy Spirit is our Wonderful Friend, there to lead us to an ever closer relationship with Our Saviour.

One of our visits was with my Kym and his family.  We got to talking about the church, because that is what we clergy families do when we are together.  We celebrate the joys we experience and we lament the things we see not working.  They shared their wonderful experience building a home for a family in Mexico, this past summer.  What an inspiring story and may God bless them for doing this and may God bless the family they helped.  But we also lamented the difficulties we see in our current Church life.  In the end we came to the conclusion that our church could have a very bright future, we have church buildings that are paid off, we have infrastructure that is established and we have dedicated people willing to work at sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those around them.  It just requires that each man, woman and child in our parishes open their hearts to the Holy Spirit’s promptings and see the direction He wants to lead us.  And we have to be prepared because the direction may be different than what we are used to,  but then again, isn’t that what being in the Church is all about… going in a direction we are not used to?  And to our wonderful surprise we will see that it all works.


4. Saints and Feasts:  


There was a great persecution of Christians during the reign of Decius. The emperor himself came to Ephesus and there arranged a boisterous and noisy celebration in honor of the lifeless idols as well as a terrible slaughter of Christians. Seven young men, soldiers, refrained from the impure offering of sacrifices and they earnestly prayed to the one God to save the Christian people. They were the sons of the most influential elders of Ephesus and their names were Maximilian, Jamblichus, Martin [Martinian], John, Dionysius, Exacustodianus, and Antonin [Antoninus]. When they were accused before the emperor, they retreated to a hill outside Ephesus called Celion and there they hid in a cave. When the emperor learned of this, he commanded that the cave be sealed off. However, God according to His far-reaching Providence caused a miraculous and long-lasting sleep to fall upon the young men. The imperial courtiers, Theodore and Rufinus, secret Christians, built in that wall a copper sarcophagus with lead plaques on which were written the names of these young men and their martyr’s death during the reign of Emperor Decius. More than two hundred years then passed. During the reign of Emperor Theodosius the Younger (408-450 A.D.), there was a great dispute about the resurrection. There were some that doubted the resurrection. Emperor Theodosius was in great sorrow as a result of this dispute among the faithful and prayed to God that He, in some way, would reveal the truth to men. At that time of turmoil in the Church some sheepherders of Adolius, who owned the hill Celion began to build folds for the sheep and removed stone after stone from that cave. The youths then awakened from their sleep young and healthy, the same as when they fell asleep. The news of this miracle was spread abroad on all sides so that even Theodosius himself came with a great entourage and with delight conversed with the youths. After a week, they again fell into the sleep of death to await the general resurrection. Emperor Theodosius wanted to place their bodies in gold sarcophagi but they appeared to him in a dream and told him to leave them in the earth as they were laid out.

This week’s Scripture question: (answer next week)

Which seven non-Christians tried to cast out demons in the name of the Lord Jesus?


This week’s Scripture fact:

Luke 10:39 informs us that Mary sat at the feet of Jesus.  It was common practice for teachers to sit with their disciples around their feet although the specifics of such customs seemed to vary at different times.  It symbolized submission and respect.


Last week’s answer:  What was the eighth plague with which God punished Pharaoh?  A plague of locusts.


See you in Church!

Спаси Вас Господи!                                   May the Lord Save You!

о. Євген                                                                             Fr. Gene