Our Youth


St. Ivan’s Church School

Our goal is to bring children into the life of the Church and to make the Church part of the life of the children. Christian education encompasses every aspect of Orthodox life from home to Church. Under the guidance of Dobr. Zenovia children are instructed in the Orthodox Faith. They are taught using stories and craft activities. The St. Ivan’s Church School year runs from September to June.


They prepare annually for the St. Nicholas concert and participate in a ‘wind-up’ at the end of the year.Please follow these links for ways to learn about our Orthodox Faith online:

  • Saints alive - Interactive games with an Orthodox theme for children 5 and up.
  • Orthodox ABC – Orthodox Christianity teaching materials that will engage and inspire the next generation.
  • Reading from under the Grapevine – Inspirational Stories for Children of All Ages
  • Orthodox Jeopardy – you can download the powerpoint presentation with a Facebook account
  • Children’s Bible Reader Online – read along Bible stories