Our People


Perogy Club

Founded in 1967 by Alexander Rogan, Nellie Skrynecki and Wasyl’ Piseski, St. Ivan’s Perogy Club has been meeting almost weekly ever since. The purpose of the club is two-fold – to provide a common cause to unite members and friends and to raise funds for the Church. Our volunteer population is constantly shifting and changing.

Our day time volunteers primarily include retired seniors, new immigrants, and visiting Ukrainians The majority of these people are not members nor Parishioners of St. Ivan’s, but rather those that enjoy the atmosphere and friendship at St. Ivan’s.  In addition to the day time volunteers, our night shift volunteers include members, parishioners and friends who work during the day and then join us at night to help prepare for special projects or during busy times.

Volunteer positions include: potato peelers, dough rollers, perogy pinchers, cooks, baggers, supply prep, lunch prep, sales and general admin. We’re always looking for additional volunteers. Most weeks we prepare product on Wednesday and produce perogies on Thursday and Friday. Lunch, bus-fare, and a bag of perogies await all volunteers.

Regular varieties include filings with Potato and Cheddar Cheese, Potato and Onion, Potato and Cottage Cheese, Cottage Cheese, and Sauerkraut. In addition, most weeks we have holopchi (cabbage rolls) and perishke (sauerkraut filled buns). Retail sales are from Thursday to end of business Friday. We also supply wholesale product to Strikers’ Meats on Burrows and other select retail locations. Finally, we also regularly supply product at reduced rates to Charities and in support of the local community. See our Perogy Orders for the latest information in this regard.

PS – the customers all say the secret is in the dough.