Our People


Parish Council

The business affairs of the parish are managed by a Parish Council elected annually in February. In addition to standard council members, the parish has an active Social Committee, Christian Education Programme, Perogy Club and Ladies Society of Olha Kobylanska. The Council meets the last Monday of the month from September to November and February to June.


The Council is an active group which takes responsibility for building maintenance and fundraising as a whole. Fortunately, fundraising is managed primarily by the Ladies Society (Fall Supper and Spring Tea) and the Perogy Club.

The Ladies Society of Olha Kobylanska is the only remaining independent “organization” within the Church. The Ladies have always been responsible for fundraising and leading in the kitchen. Previous active organizations within the Parish have included: the Brotherhood of St. Ivan Suchavsky, the Sisterhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John’s Young People’s Club (Social Club).

Current Parish Council members (2013/2014) include

President: Mr. Gary Kowalchuk
Past-President: Miss Dorothy Hardy
Vice-President: Ms Edith Ostaff
Secretary: Ms Llwellyn Armstrong
Financial Chair: Mr. Scott Armstrong
Audit Committee: Mrs. Helen Allan (Chair)
Mr. Jim Magas
Mr. Dennis Lozinski
Ladies Society President: Miss Dorothy Hardy
Social Committee Chair: Mrs. Julie Kowalchuk
Members-at-Large: Mr. Mike Lozinski
Mrs. Genevieve Armstrong
Mr. Ihor Pawlyshyn
Mrs. Halyna Ozirna
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Gene Maximiuk